Tea and Redemption

You all know our beautiful Amy already, she is our star in-house journalist bringing women’s stories of overcoming adversity to life.

This little gem “Tea and Redemption” is Amy’s first publication and we wanted to share her success with you x

Set across the landscape of her childhood, adolescence, and navigation into becoming an adult, this collection of poems is a window into the complexities of her mental health, relationships, and the ways in which writing and fantasy aided her journey through a complicated life. ‘Tea and Redemption’ is Riley’s love story to her inner child and a promise to her older self; redemption is possible with hope, strength and a lot of cups of tea.

My personal favourite in the anthology is titled “Lee Savage”. This one is based on a larger than life man I had the good fortune to meet while I was in Uganda. This poem in particular is a love letter to a selfless and unrecognised paragon of a community who supported human and animal creatures alike. We all miss him.

Get your copy here, grab a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy. It will be the best $8.71 you spend this year, I promise. 

Elissa x