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Science Skincare

Elissa's Book

Everything you’ve ever needed to know about acne, but didn’t know to ask

If you’ve been struggling with acne, you’re fed up with all the false claims that this magical product will cure your acne forever. I know, because I was in your shoes for decades.

Until I discovered the REAL keys to breaking free from the breakouts. For good.

Here’s the thing. In this book, I’m going to tell it to you straight. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, but I AM going to empower you, so you have a much clearer understanding of exactly what YOU need, to quite likely have clearer skin, as well.

Here’s why you need this book:

  • You will discover the SCIENCE-BASED truth about acne, what causes it, and how to stop the cycle.
  • You’ll clarify what kind of acne you have, how mild or severe it really is, and what TREATMENTS can work best for your unique skin condition now – even if you have scars or have had acne for decades.
  • You’ll also get support and encouragement about the emotional distress, low self-esteem, and social isolation your acne may have been causing you (something almost nobody talks about).
  • You’ll expand YOUR ACNE TOOLKIT with knowledge about everything from prescriptions to complementary therapies, from makeup to supplements, from food to the exciting news about upcoming vaccines.

And you’ll come away knowing what has a solid track record based on data, and what’s just expensive snake oil.

So if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices out there – peels? plasma? surgery? laser? help! – allow me to be the advocate on your acne-healing journey who finally lays it all out there for you so you can make better-informed choices, and love yourself, and your skin, more.