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Clinically proven results-driven skincare that actually works.

Science Skincare

The skincare industry is overwhelmingly saturated with ’experts’ pushing unsubstantiated conflicting advice and hundreds of products all claiming to be the ‘miracle’ cure for skin conditions despite a lack of evidence of quality ingredients. This causes mass confusion on how to navigate treating skin concerns and, often, leads to consumers causing more damage to their skin – we don’t blame you, it’s chaos!

Science Skincare is the culmination of a lifetime’s work by founder, Adj A/Professor Elissa O’Keefe, searching for solutions for problem skin. As a result of treating her problem skin from the age of 12, Elissa, with trial and error, sourced the best possible skincare ingredients and treatments. Along that journey, It became clear that the combination of powerful Australian botanicals and clinically proven active ingredients was what was needed to strengthen the skin barrier for healthy skin. Now, we are on a mission to break through the BS in the industry and offer a straightforward skincare system that actually works, and is backed by science and skincare professionals alike.

Results for Enhanced Confidence

It’s our mission to support you in becoming the most confident version of yourself while simultaneously disrupting the industry as we know it. Our clinically-backed formulas empower you with a prescribed system and the knowledge to achieve your best skin yet. Prescribed by skin clinicians, our systems are a simple and effective regime that gives results that contribute to you becoming the most confident version of yourself.

Skincare products that are backed by experts

Our high-potency formulas contain unrivaled quantities of Australian native botanical ingredients and use applied science and skin-identical formulas to reverse skin damage and re-establish a healthy skin barrier. Both our professional and at-home ranges are prescribed by aesthetic physicians and skin clinicians to give their clients visible results.

Consciously Formulated

All Science Skincare products are cruelty-free (most are vegan), contain certified organic and naturally sourced products, and are made on-shore in Sydney, Australia. We are committed to reducing waste with no ‘extra’ unboxing experience that is destined for landfill, recyclable packaging and our products are fitted with exact pump measurements for product dosage, which means there is no waste and perfect amounts are used.

Meet our Founder

It has long been a dream of mine to source and share the most ethical and exquisite skincare products available.

As a teenager and well into my adult life I suffered from problem skin with acne and scarring and have always sought out the best possible skincare ingredients and treatments to care for my skin. To read more about my personal skin journey click here.

I have grown from being such a self-conscious teenager and young adult that I wouldn’t have my photo taken; into a self-assured woman who isn’t afraid to have her face out there!

Now that dream of mine is a reality. I hope you love Science Skincare as much as I do.

Proven, beautiful.
Love, Elissa xx
Adj A/Professor Elissa O’Keefe RN NP FFACNP MACN MISPAN
Owner and Founder