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Breakout System™ (Acne & Blemishes)

$590.00$655.00 available on subscription

The Breakout System consists of our Cleanse + Detox Carbon Cleanser, Repair + Rebalance (Vitamin A 0.5% + Vitamin B 10% Serum), Clear + Calm (Exfoliant Serum), Restore Hydra Lotion and Hydra Protect Moisturiser.

The Breakout System addresses all six of the skin goals needed to improve the look of breakouts:

  1. Repairs the skin barrier
  2. Exfoliates to loosen and remove the top layer of the skin, by dissolving the sebum in the pores, acidifying the skin, encouraging skin shedding and promoting natural moisturising factors
  3. Balances oil to prevent the clogging of pores and reduce oiliness
  4. Removes bacteria to heal and to re-establish the skin’s natural microbiome balance
  5. Reduces redness and discomfort
  6. Improves the appearance of scars and even the skin tone

Discover the difference of our Breakout System™ (Acne & Blemishes)

Systems make it easy to create a routine and see the synergistic results of the products working together.Travel/Starter System  lasts 1-2 months and has:

  • 30 ml  Cleanse + Detox (Carbon Cleanser)
  • 15ml Repair + Rebalance (Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum)
  • 15 ml Clearer + Calmer (Exfoliant)
  • 15 ml Restore Hydra Lotion
  • 100ml Hydra Protect Moisturiser

Full-Size System  lasts 3-4 months and has:

  • 120 ml  Cleanse + Detox (Carbon Cleanser)
  • 30ml Repair + Rebalance (Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum)
  • 30 ml Clearer + Calmer (Exfoliant)
  • 50 ml Restore Hydra Lotion
  • 100ml Hydra Protect Moisturiser

ADD the  Suntint Protect  for acne safe camouflage and non-comodegenic skin protection. This is a foundation, protector and antiaging product in one.

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Breakout System Full Size, Breakout System Travel / Starter Kit


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