Case Study: Clarity, Clear & Calm

Case Study Clarity, Clear & Calm

“I have been using Science Skincare … and the rosacea has significantly lessened. Having a specific Science Skincare prescription suited to my skin has been what I have been searching for! The results have been amazing!” Gail, Qld.

Skin that has rosacea is a huge challenge and people with this type of skin can be frustrated and disheartened. Gail has been using our Clarity, Clear and Calm kit for around six months now and her skin is looking better and better.

Our aim when caring for red and sensitive skins like this is to calm, repair and protect it. We’ve made the decision about what routine you need easy with five key things to remember:

  1. Gentle cleansing is a must. The Gel Cleanser is a gentle foaming gel that removes impurities and aids barrier repair. It has antioxidant and anti–allergy effects and contains Australian Caviar Lime, Vitamin B5 and E and organic Aloe Vera. Skin feels hydrated and clean whilst irritation and inflammation are soothed.
  2. Vitamin B3 or niacinamide repairs the skin’s barrier and reduces sensitivity. With its potent anti-inflammatory effects it calms atopic skin disorders. It is great too for balancing oil and moisturising.
  3. Exfoliants moisturise, clear pores and reveal glowing skin. A good exfoliating serum has a superior silky feel that reveals new healthy luminous skin, that feels supple, hydrated and youthfully plumped.
  4. The Gold Standard in skincare has to be Vitamin A (liposomal retinaldehyde). It is non-irritating, safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding and is powerful. It softens the top layer of skin and reduces congestion, makes damaged blood vessels less visible and normalises oil production.
  5. Hydration and sun protection are a must. Our Hydra Lotion moisturiser has a potent combination of soothing anti-bacterials to help fight bacteria and microbes that keep skin in a reactive state and provides wound healing, mild exfoliation and moisture retention. Sun protection can be tinted or not. With calming zinc and titanium, vitamins A, B & C and resveratrol, it is the perfect protection against the daily ravages of the sun and environment.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of deciding what you need to care for your skin. Click here to go to our Clarity, Clear & Calm kit.