The Russian Lip Filler Technique: The New Big Thing in Lip Treatments

The Russian Lip Filler Technique

Lip fillers are one of the biggest lip filler trends in the cosmetic medicine world. Lip injections are a procedure that increases the fullness of the lips by using injectable fillers. Hyaluronic acid is the most common type of filler for plumper lips but depending on the client’s preference, fat or implants can be used, as well.

Lip fillers are used to add natural fullness to certain areas, to even out asymmetrical lip shape, to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips, or to give more volume to the lips. Now, the lip filler trend has gone one step further with a new cosmetic treatment, trending everywhere, the Russian lip.

What is the Russian lip filler technique?

This increasingly popular treatment is inspired by the Russian nesting dolls with an accent on the Cupid’s bow at the top of the lip to resemble the subtle shape of a heart. The Russian lip technique adds volume and lift into the centre of the lips, without adding too much fullness to the sides, so they can remain flat and in line with the face. The idea is to make the lips appear doll-like but still looking naturally plump. This treatment aims to lift the lip rather than add an excessive amount of volume which makes it perfect for those who don’t have experience with lip fillers or want a more natural look.

Difference between traditional and Russian lip technique

Standard lip fillers are usually injected horizontally into the lips which gives volume and fullness around the entire area. The Russian lip technique requires a smaller syringe, the filler is injected vertically with a focus on the base of the lips and draws the product outward toward the lip border. The Russian filler treatment lifts and opens the lip rather than adding overall plumpness to the lips.

This technique demands an extra dose of precision which means that the appointment may take a bit longer (30-60 minutes) than a standard lip filler session. Russian lip fillers usually last as long as standard lip fillers which is between six to twelve months depending on the choice of product and your individual metabolism. A touch-up procedure is usually needed every six to nine months to maintain the results.

Who is the Russian lip filler suitable for?

This technique works best on people who haven’t had experience with lip fillers. For those who have had previous filler, it is recommended that it be removed first with lip filler dissolving treatment two weeks before the Russian lip appointment. If you already have Russian lip filler, it would not have to be dissolved prior to the new appointment.

Is there any downtime?

It may take a bit longer for the swelling to go down after a Russian lip treatment and in rare cases, bruising can be a bit more noticeable. Doctors and nurses recommend avoiding alcohol the day before the appointment, as well as keeping away from saunas and hot baths 48 hours after the treatment.