Bye Bye Blemishes (Oily or Blemishes)

$229.00$359.00 available on subscription



Everything you need to say “bye bye” to blemishes and breakouts!

This kit consists of our Carbon Cleanser, Vitamin A 0.5% + Vitamin B 10% Serum, Exfoliant and Hydra Lotion (Hydra UV Protect or Suntint Protect) sold separately).

Kits make it easy to create a routine and see the synergistic results of the products working together.

Our starter kit lasts 1-2 months and has:

  • 30 ml Carbon Cleanser
  • 15ml Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum
  • 15 ml Exfoliant
  • 15 ml Hydra Lotion

Our full size lasts 3-4 months and has:

  • 120 ml Carbon Cleanse
  • 30ml Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum
  • 30 ml Exfoliant
  • 50 ml Hydra Lotion

ADD the Hydra UV protect or  Suntint 


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