Six tips for managing redness and sensitive skin

Six tips for managing redness and sensitive skin

Facial redness is a common and sometimes embarassing skin concern that a lot of people experience. It usually occurs when internal or external factors trigger a reaction. Such factors can be temperature changes, allergies and diet, makeup or skincare products. There are a number of reasons why some people get red skin and most of them are associated with hypersensitive skin. 

The main characteristics of hypersensitive skin are: compromised skin barrier, hyper-reactive sensory fibres in the epidermis and redness which is often caused by inflammation. Sometimes the redness can get more intense, there’s also a possibility of lumps and bumps or flaking to appear. It may also be accompanied by stinging, burning or itching sensations. Here we help you calm your skin, preserve the skin barrier and help prevent the signs and symptoms of red skin.


The most important thing to do in such case is to calm and hydrate the skin. It’s essential to use gentle skincare products and to build a routine that will soothe the skin and won’t aggravate the symptoms. It’s vital to keep sensitive skin nourished and protected from free radicals with the power of antioxidants. Our Clarity, Clear and Calm combination has been specifically designed for you to have all of the products and active ingredients you need to calm your skin.


Exposure to sun, wind, heat or cold can make redness-prone skin worse but it’s also important to know the right skincare ingredients and products and the ones to avoid. Physical exfoliation (scrubs) and cleansing brushes are a big no-no if you have sensitive skin. Soothing plant ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E protect and calm reactive skin. These ingredients can help relieve pain, itching and burning sensation, thanks to their healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and feature in our Gel Cleanser.


Morning and evening cleansing is essential for healthy skin but using the wrong cleanser can irritate it even more. Stripping cleansers dry out the skin and leave it feeling tight which means its barrier has been damaged because it loses too much water through evaporation. Go for sulphate-free face washes such as all three cleansers from the Science Skincare range to remove impurities but to also to restore moisture to the skin. Don’t strip your skin of its natural oils and water, this will only irritate your delicate skin even more. Sometimes if your skin is red and sad, you just need to cleanse and use a “First Aid Kit in a Bottle” like our Nurture and Repair until it settles.


Applying sunscreen daily is crucial for everyone and in case you have sensitive and redness- prone skin, leaving the house without sun protection would mean severe irritation. Mineral- based sunscreen products with Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide are really gentle and won’t cause sensitivity. Hydra UV Protect and Suntint Protect from Science Skincare have both, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in their formulas to calm and hydrate the skin while delivering anti-ageing benefits, as well. Also, they don’t sting and calm the redness.


Behind sensitive skin, there can also be issues like eczema, rosacea, allergy or contact dermatitis. In this case, a soothing and gentle skincare regimen along with possible medications or light-based treatments can be discussed with a skin specialist. Our favourite cosmetic clinics can be found HERE.


Taking care of sensitive and redness-prone skin is attainable, thanks to lifestyle changes and a gentle skincare regimen. Prevention is always better than cure, so avoiding triggers is definitely the key. Stick to skincare products that restore and protect compromised skin barrier and never skip applying sunscreen.