Makeup Artist to the Stars a BIG Fan!

Makeup Artist to the Stars a BIG Fan!

I’ve been a fan of good skin care ranges for the last thirty years. In my early twenties I completed my C.I.D.E.S.C.O. training in London, an international beauty therapy diploma which stood me in good stead for the next twenty years working in the film industry doing make-up and hair.

 It was always difficult to get tinted products to sit well on actors and models faces after applying moisturiser but these products go together perfectly. The tinted sunblock glides on and easily blends in perfectly leaving no streaks, even when I slap it on in the morning in a hurry!

Any type of make-up sits well onto it too whether using cream blusher, concealers and powders. And it lasts perfectly all day without feeling heavy or greasy. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with the way these products perform with each other. Light yet super effective, easy to apply and edible! They smell delightful and so lovely not to be putting loads of chemicals on my face.

I’ve been using Science Skin care now for about four months. I’m delighted to say I’ve noticed a huge change to the texture and tone of my skin, even though my previous skin care rage was of a high quality.

The two major differences I’ve noticed are the smoothness of my skin and the evening out of my skin tone and greatly diminished sunspots. I’ve always used exfoliants because my skin was oily and coarse in my younger years and my pores would get clogged easily and my skin would feel rough in places, but it’s never felt so smooth. It’s good to know that using such an effective exfoliant will allow maximum penetration of the vitamins and moisturisers. The moisturisers are light but super effective which makes me feel like my skin can breathe.

One genius thing about these products I love is the tinted sunblock. It goes on top of all the products so well and does an amazing job of creating a smooth flawless complexion whilst diminishing the appearance of large pores.

Thank you, Elissa, for creating this range. Love Sarah xx