How to Stop Wasting Money on Skincare That Doesn’t Work

Shopping for skincare can be a fun but also a pretty overwhelming experience. With so much to choose from on the market, it’s difficult to decide what’s right to purchase.

You might even find yourself in a situation where you end up with a lot of new products that aren’t really necessary to have.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of information nowadays that can help you invest your hard-earned money on products that will keep your skin looking luminous and healthy.

Consult a Specialist

Getting a professional advice is essential, especially if you’re unsure about your skin type and skin concerns. You may think your skin is just oily but it might also be dehydrated and this could be the missing piece from your skincare puzzle.

Also, skin clinics have products with higher percentage of active ingredients for better results. Science Skincare have a wide range of professional grade skincare that targets issues like acne, pigmentation, sun damage and ageing.

Treatments and products recommendation come after detailed consultation and assessment. Want to book a free consultation so you know what to order online? Head over to our Facebook page and talk to Elissa.

Complex skin and want to see an expert? Check out our trusted clinics here.

You may think that paying for a service on top of products is too much but in the long run, it will save you money. The expertise that you receive along with the professional strength products, will make a real change to your skin and will convince you that it’s worth it.

Choose the Right Ingredients

After you’ve determined your skin type and issues, you need to make sure you’re using the right ingredients and the right combination of ingredients.

Chemical exfoliation is great but be careful not to overdo it, as it can cause redness and irritation if you mix too many acids together. Go for carefully formulated blends for targeted and safe results.

If your skin is blemish-prone, make sure that your products don’t contain pore-clogging ingredients. If you’re sensitive, avoid potential irritants.

Avoid Ingredients With No Clinical Evidence

There are a lot of ingredients and products with no clinical evidence that they help the skin and something more, they can be even harmful, so think twice when you see promises for miraculous crushed gold in a cream. Remember too, natural or organic doesn’t equal effective either.

Don’t Fall for the Packaging

Many skincare enthusiasts are tempted by shiny and luxurious packaging but that’s not essential when it comes to finding effective products. Plus, you often pay a lot more for the beautiful box than for the formulation inside and often the volume of product is minuscule once you unwrap it.

And remember that the best skincare doesn’t come in a jar, choose airless pump bottles. Science Skincare uses only air-free pumps because the most beneficial ingredients are the least stable which means they shouldn’t be exposed to air and light.

With this type of bottle, you can be sure that every pump dispenses the same stable and effective formula as the first time you opened it.

Don’t be sucked in by an unboxing experience either. Might be good on social media but it contributes to destroying the environment.

Caring for your skin shouldn’t be taken lightly. With a bit of guidance, you can leave behind the ineffective and inappropriate skincare products and find what’s best for your skin. 

That’s why we’re Proven, beautiful.