Filler Exhaustion & Fatigue: What is it and How Do I Avoid it?

How Do I Avoid Filler Exhaustion & Fatigue

Injectable dermal fillers are non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments used to restore volume loss, smooth lines, soften ridges, and maintain a more youthful appearance. When they are combined with beautiful, healthy skin they can make you look and feel like a million bucks! They are are soft, gel-like substances injected under the skin to lift cheekbones, plump lips, diminish the appearance of laugh lines, and enhance facial contours.

The most popular types of fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers because they are safe, temporary, easily dissolvable and easy to touch up. But can too much dermal filler make you look misshapen?

What is it?

Filler exhaustion or filler fatigue is a term associated with the repeated use of injectable fillers over an extended period of time that leads to unwanted consequences. The idea is that the overuse of dermal fillers into the skin can weigh it down or stretch it to a point where it looks ‘doughy’ and looser than it was before the treatments. This theory is often backed by results that can be seen in patients who always want to improve their looks by using increasing amounts of fillers. It is considered that excessive use of fillers can accentuate the signs of ageing rather than diminish them.

Signs of filler fatigue

Excessive use of dermal fillers can not only make the face look puffy and unnatural but it often causes the face to appear aged rather than youthful and fresh.

  • Pillow face and sunset eyes – As we age, our cheeks tend to look flatter and cheek fillers are often used to correct that. Overdone cheek fillers can cause an overly puffed-up face that looks dysmorphic. You may have noticed celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Madonna going overboard with cheek fillers.
  • Trout pout – Lips are the area where fillers often go wrong. Kylie Jenner is the first celebrity that comes to mind and while she made this her signature look, excessive lip fillers can cause lips to look swollen and disproportionate.
  • A witch’s chin – To balance the face many people opt for a V-shaped look by adding filler into the chin. Injecting too much filler can lead to a pointy and overly sharp chin.

What is filler exhaustion?

When the filler is absorbed into the body or dissolved by a specialist, it can leave space under the skin, making it look saggier and stretched (exhausted). Overuse of fillers often requires more and more fillers to be used to avoid dragging down the skin and that is when the distortion happens.

How to avoid filler exhaustion

Cosmetic treatments have come a long way and the products and techniques are constantly improving. One of the most important points to have in mind is the choice of a good practitioner. Experienced specialists consider the way the entire face looks, assesses the right procedures for each patient and use a smaller amount of filler to key points of the face. That provides a smoothing and lifting effect for a fresh and younger-looking complexion without the sagging and puffiness of overdone fillers. Such a conservative approach often means the practitioner will implement great home skincare products, injectables and non-invasive treatments that stimulate your natural collagen and elastin production for a youthful appearance. See our recommendations for the best clinicians HERE.