The Truth Behind Cosmetic Ingredients

Have you ever looked at the labelling on your skincare products and wondered what it all means? Did you know that there is an International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook that sets the standard for this? At Science Skincare, this isn’t just a dictionary and a handbook for us, it’s a bible. Reading and understanding what’s in… Continue reading The Truth Behind Cosmetic Ingredients

Clinic @ Home

In a world gone mad, it’s essential that we take time to care for ourselves first. If we do that, then everyone around us benefits. To help you do that, we’ve put together a Clinic @ Home range to keep your skin in top condition, just like the pros do it. We’ve handpicked a turbo-charged… Continue reading Clinic @ Home

Topical Retinoids Made Easy

All is Not What it Seems Not all vitamin A (retinoid) products are created equal. The words retinol, retinoids, and Vitamin A are bandied about and the marketing hoopla is ferocious. This leaves the consumer really having little way of separating the truth from fiction. We heard a hilarious story on a podcast recently where… Continue reading Topical Retinoids Made Easy

Key Anti-Aging Ingredients

Preventing the signs of aging is one of the biggest concerns in skincare. The anti-aging category is really broad and for some it might mean managing fine lines and wrinkles, while for others it could include pigmentation or texture issues. There are well-established ingredients, recommended by skincare experts that help slow down the aging process… Continue reading Key Anti-Aging Ingredients

The Russian Lip Filler Technique: The New Big Thing in Lip Treatments

Lip fillers are one of the biggest lip filler trends in the cosmetic medicine world. Lip injections are a procedure that increases the fullness of the lips by using injectable fillers. Hyaluronic acid is the most common type of filler for plumper lips but depending on the client’s preference, fat or implants can be used,… Continue reading The Russian Lip Filler Technique: The New Big Thing in Lip Treatments

How to Decide What Skincare Prescription is the Right One for You

As skincare lovers, we’re all on the same quest for healthy and flawless skin. And no matter how much we already know, there’s always room for learning because knowledge is the key to finding the right products that will be most effective for us. Knowing your skin type is the first step you need to take… Continue reading How to Decide What Skincare Prescription is the Right One for You

Over-Cleansing Your Face – Fact or Myth?

Washing your face is one of the most important steps in your daily skincare routine. It is essential to start with a cleansed face before applying any additional products, as cleansing removes impurities and oil built up throughout the day. Properly cleansing your face helps your skincare work effectively but it can also reduce inflammation,… Continue reading Over-Cleansing Your Face – Fact or Myth?

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