A Three-Step Skincare Routine: Simple and Effective

A Three-Step Skincare Routine - Simple and Effective

The abundance of skincare products on the market can be overwhelming and often consumers get carried away with unnecessary items and build a 10-step routine that they don’t need (Who’s got time for that??). Using too many products and ingredients that are not right for your skin can cause irritation, breakouts, dryness, and a lot more skin issues. It wastes your time and money too, limited resources. Specialists recommend a more simple approach for maintaining healthy skin. Whether you are dealing with skin problems or you simply want to streamline your regimen, fewer steps with carefully selected products and ingredients are all you need to achieve beautiful skin. It is all about three basic categories: cleanse, target, protect.

1.  Cleanse

Cleansing is essential for removing environmental pollution, impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells. A good cleanser breaks down dirt and oil without stripping and drying the skin, leaving it clean and prepped for the rest of the products in the routine.

Choosing the right cleanser depends on your skin type and skin concerns. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, the Science Skincare Carbon Cleanser is the right choice for purifying the skin and decongesting pores with the power of organic exfoliating fruit extracts. It is gentle on your face and effective against impurities. Did we mention it smells like delicious fruits and is a beautiful black lather? Dry, dehydrated, and compromised skin will benefit from using Science Skincare Cream Cleanser. It is rich in antioxidants and botanicals to gently cleanse the skin and leave it replenished and protected. Our gentle foaming Science Skincare Gel Cleanser aids barrier repair to help sensitive and reactive skin feel clean and hydrated at the same time, while soothing irritation and inflammation.

2.  Target

This is the step where you get to address your specific skin concerns and treat them with dedicated serums containing active ingredients. Take your time to find what your skin really needs, depending on your skin type and its current condition. Whether you are in a need of skin refining, a bit of brightening, or an anti-ageing effect, there is a suitable serum for every concern.

Science Skincare Exfoliant Serum has a blend of AHA and BHA to decongest the skin while preventing future breakouts. The formula aids the healing process in blemish-prone skin types and the actives provide anti-inflammatory and skin-renewing effects. If your skin lacks vitality and looks a bit dull, vitamin C is your best friend. The Science Skincare Triple Vitamin C Serum stimulates collagen production and helps with sun damage protection to leave you with a brighter and youthful complexion. Other serums include the brightening Science Skincare Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), antiaging and oil controlling Vitamin A and lightening Science Skincare Enlighten serum.

3.  Protect

Protection is about repairing and fortifying the skin barrier while shielding the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. In the evening a cream or lotion calms, nourishes and repairs as you sleep. Check out the Science Skincare Hydra Cream for a dehydrated or older skin or the Science Skincare Hydra Lotion for a more oily or red-prone skin.

In the morning, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapplying it every two hours is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Using sunscreen is also the best and easiest way to prevent the signs of premature ageing. We recommend the nourishing and colourless Hydra UV Protect or the tinted Suntint CC Cream (available in  Light, Medium, and Dark shades). Our sunscreens create a physical barrier to guard you against UV exposure and protect your skin with powerful antioxidants, niacinamide, and lipids. Our sunscreens contain the antiaging ingredients resveratrol and coenzyme Q10 plus calming zinc.