5 Reasons Women are Choosing NOT to Have Cosmetic Injectables

  1. They don’t want to look like an alien

    It is well documented that normal facial features are being changed with muscle relaxants and dermal fillers and the results can be awful. Author and Nurse Practitioner, Anita East has nailed this in her book Beautiful, Unique Faces when she discusses what she has coined “Pretty Ugly Faces.”

    These faces are frozen and devoid of emotion, there is a plastic look that results when the “perfect” face tries to have cheekbones, jawline and lips that comply with the idea of perfection (Phi) and beauty. What ends up happening is a distortion of features and the person looking at the face is left with their eyes wandering, trying to decide what on earth to look at. The result is an alien look with a heart-shaped face with too prominent cheekbones, protruding mid-face, an angular jawline and flappy lips that look set to walk their way off the face on their own.

  2. They don’t want to look like everyone else

    I caught up for coffee with a cosmetic nurse injector friend of mine a few months ago. We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby. When I arrived, there were three blonde women in their late forties sitting in the foyer. I couldn’t tell which one was my friend because the three of them looked the same! Now I’ve known my friend for eleven years! It wasn’t until she spoke, that I knew it was her. Step away from the needle Karen.

    I despair for the women taking photos of the Kardashian’s to their injectors because they want to look like them. Wake up! The Kardashian-Jenner’s don’t even look like themselves. The look they promote is getting more and more homogenous and the asymmetry that makes us, well us, is being erased and redrawn until we have overdone, boring clones.

  3. They don’t want their partners or friends to know they’ve “had something done”

    We have done a complete 180 degrees on what is beautiful and desirable. It is ALL about great skin and looking natural. The ability of cosmetic injectables to maintain our youthful features without altering who we are is a science and an art. Done well, subtle correction can be done that makes our best facial features pop. It is a highly skilled injector with a deft hand, artistic eye and extensive anatomy knowledge that can make this happen.

  1. Their trust in providers has been lost

    This week Australia’s biggest celebrity cosmetic surgeon has been described by his peers as “dangerous” and “staggering” in the way he has cared for his patients. The media is awash with horror stories of “cosmetic surgeons” (not an actual official title BTW), injectors and laser technicians disfiguring their patients and causing deep, irreparable emotional scarring. It is buyer beware here sadly.

    The ethics of medical professionals up-selling cosmetic treatments is in question and this was put eloquently by Erin Docherty in her recent MamaMia article. In this piece, Josephine a young mother of two said “I’ll definitely be avoiding that practice. Next time I’ll be seeking out a skin cancer clinic that isn’t working alongside the beauty/cosmetic industry (I actually didn’t think this was either, until I got there).” She had gone for a skin cancer check and been told she needed to tighten her fourth month postpartum tummy. Leave her alone!!

  2. It costs a lot

    It’s expensive. Not just for initial treatment, because the maintenance price tag is ruthless. Women are becoming more and more discerning about where they invest their money and fakery isn’t cutting it. According to Georgina Dent from the Sydney Morning Herald, “When making investment decisions…female shareholders are significantly more likely to care about ethical behaviour, environmental sustainability, and whether the companies in which they invest are paying their fair share of tax”. There is a move toward community, volunteering and caring for our environment. Nothing will make you as beautiful as what being true to yourself, healthy and happy xxx